Hi, I'm a graphic designer.

I have over ten years of experience in a variety of projects from print media to website design.

Julius Zlioba
Julius Zlioba


My Expertise

Web Design

Web Design

I specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites for personal and corporate clients, ranging from small to medium-sized. It includes designing user interfaces and modernizing outdated designs to ensure a polished and professional online presence.

I know Next.js, Astro, React, Node.js, WordPress and many more frameworks to create simple static or heavily interactive websites.

Digital Media Design

My digital media design services include creating professional and engaging visual content such as images, banners, and simple animations for use on the internet. I am equipped to handle all your digital media needs and ensure that your online presence is visually stunning and effective.

Web Design

Print Media

I specialize in designing visually striking print media such as flyers, brochures, and other materials that require a polished aesthetic in both digital and physical formats. My goal is to create visually impactful designs that effectively communicate your message and enhance your brand's image.

Corporate design

As a corporate and product designer, my focus is on creating designs that make a strong and lasting impression of your brand. I understand the importance of representing your company or product in the best possible light and work diligently to craft designs that effectively communicate your message and enhance your brand's image.

Hey, nice to meet you

I'm Julius, and love graphic design.

As I work with graphic design every day and from time to time take web development projects for almost a decade, I have gathered enough experience to tackle a variety of different projects. And the best fuel for my projects is a cup of my favourite black coffee with a little bit of milk and new challenges along the way.

Time off work is likewise important, so when I can, I like to take hiking or biking in nature to keep my mind fresh. And my second passion besides design is taking rides with a motorcycle.

Then the day's work is done and the sun is setting down I love to relax in front of some good movie or a book or just get lost in the computer game world from time to time.

Julius Zlioba

Julius Zlioba