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A personal website project as a simple personal list of recently seen movies and series.

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The idea started when one day I was watching movies with a friend and we were talking about how great would be to have a list of watched movies. Of course, there is a possibility to track movies on services like IMDB, but I wanted a more tailored experience, with a more minimalistic solution. So the next day I put some sketches of what I would like to have and started the development of the website.

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Simple blog-style records adding was not ideal, while it takes time to fill out all the fields, that is why I decided to include TMDb API to automatically retrieve all associated data with records. At the development time, I was interested in the NextJS framework so it was an easy choice for a website builder platform.

For records storing I decided to go with Supabase, just for learning purposes.

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Currently, there are more than 700 titles of Movies and Series on the list since 2016, when I started tracking what I watch.

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You can visit the live website to see what I was watching recently and what is my opinion abaut it.