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connect724 GmbH

Corporate Design for company I am working for.

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Work involved


Corporate Design rules


Branded Print Designs


My task was to create the whole Corporate Design language for connect724 GmbH. And later do all designs for any media needed.


The first important part was Logo creation. The idea needed to represent a connection with other parts and after many different variations, a design with three dots connecting to the letter "C" was chosen.

c724 Logo development

Having a logo and after choosing a primary colour, followed the office supplies.

corporate design

The design elements used on print materials was varying but always maintained the same colour scheme. Later it was also decided on secondary colour to make more contrast looking appeal.

print materials

The biggest part of the project was creating the company's website. The first iteration of the website was created using WordPress, but later due to keeping mostly content static, I decided to remake the page only by using WordPress as a backend for Blog articles and everything else prepared by using Gatsby framework as a statically generated website for the fast performance and easy maintenance.

website website on difrent screens

You can visit website online to see the full experience.


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